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WK - 450 Wind Turbine
. Features:
  •  High quality NdFeB permanent magnet
  •  High quality and high strength aluminum alloy to ensure light weight and easy installation     
  •  Blades adopt fiber-glass reinforced plastics
  •  Blades made by precision injection molding process to ensure balance
  •  The control system compose by controller and dump load to secure the turbine operate safety 
  •  The control system Building in wind power and solar power input function
  •  LCD control system display, easy to read and understand
  •  Three reliable over-speed protection methods
  •  The connection is easy and convenient for the connecting terminal
  •  PWM power charging method
.Technical Parameter
Rated Power(W)
Rotor Diameter (M)
Rated Wind Speed (M/S)
Startup Wind Speed (M/S)
Standard Working Voltage(V)
DC 12V/24V
Custom-made Working Voltage(V)
More than 24V or On-grid System
Blade Material
Reinforced Fiber Glass
Number of Blades(PCS)
Generator Style
Three Phase Permanent Magnet
Magnet Style
Over-speed Protection
Stall Control
Stop Method
Manual Electronic Brake / Automatic Electronic Brake
Charge Controller
                        Hybrid Solar-Wind Charge Controller,                          LCD display, PWM Charger
Solar Power (W)
Tower Height (M)
6M(Standard) or Custom-made

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